Armani Watches

If you’re in the market for sharp and sophisticated Armani suits then you should also add Armani watches to your shopping list. There are plenty of ways you can screw up a suit which will cost several thousand dollars once it’s been properly fitted. It would be like buying an expensive sports car but only going with the absolute base model. Leave base models to rental car companies and Armani suits without the proper wristwatch to the posers. There are just certain things that require extra pieces to complete the look.

The Emporio Armani watch collection is perfectly designed to work seamlessly with your Armani suits. They have several shapes and designs which can be the perfect complement to any look. Whether you’re looking for leather, metal or plastic straps to go along with your gorgeous Armani watch, you’ll surely be in luck. They are priced to keep pretenders out of their demographic which gives them the feeling of exclusivity. You wouldn’t want to been seen in your country club’s locker room wearing the same Armani watch as the person next to you. There are so many styles to choose from that you should never run into this problem.

As you rock this new look, you’ll want to make sure you are properly matching up your Armani suit to the correct wrist accessory. If you have a black suit you’ll want to match it with either a black or silver faced watch with a black or silver metal strap. If you go with a plastic strap then you’ll surely be messing up your look. Plastic straps on expensive watches should only be worn in casual or sports oriented settings. Consider wearing one when you’re out on the golf course or working out at the gym. You never want to wear a leather strap any time you’ll be prone to sweating. Sweat will ruin leather. You’ll only want to wear leather or metal straps for more formal or business settings. Plastic watches are tacky if worn during any formal setting.

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