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A Swiss Watch For Men Makes A Great Gift


It has been a time preserved notion that watches are a mans best friend. They’re quite a good counterpart to diamonds, which in turn gets its treatment as the woman’s best friend. These time pieces are even considered by many males as their version of jewelery. The reason for that is just obvious: you cannot possibly expect men to wear ...

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Selling Your Pre-Owned Swiss Watch


If you are the proud owner of a Swiss watch, you probably know the true sentimental value associated with this ”relic”. Once you acquire this fabulous accessory, you can choose to either relish it in your jewel box or rock it on your wrist for a chic and fashionable look. However, often the need to replace an old Swiss watch ...

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5 Reasons Why People Buy Swiss Watches


If you are rather new to the field then you must find it interesting why people want to buy Swiss watches when there other kinds of watch that’s just as good. For that I will give you 5 reasons why they prefer this brand of high-end watches above any other. Quality A typical watch buyer would choose a watch based ...

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The Swiss Watch Industry


Jean Calving reform was the main reason for the invention of Swiss watches, and clocks. It happened in the 16th century when people were banned to wear the jewels, so goldsmiths started crafting watches. By the end of the 16th century, Genevan watches were already popular for their high quality and design. It was a continuous effort and hard work ...

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Why Are Swiss Watches So Highly Regarded?


Swiss watches do not only represent what human excellence in engineering can achieve, they also show us time can be a thing of beauty. Famed for their accurate timekeeping throughout the world, Swiss watchmakers have long been striving to improve, innovate and excel at introducing ever better, more accurate movements. This year Swiss watchmaker Omega is once again the official ...

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Why Are Swiss Watches So Great?

Why Are Swiss Watches So Great?

We all have heard that Swiss watches are superior to others. We see them as a status symbol, a sign of wealth and success. We can observe well-heeled business people bypassing the affordable watches and making a bee line for the Patek Phillipe for sale. We know the watches cost a lot of money, but what exactly makes them so ...

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Top Swiss Watches for Men


It is difficult to place a price tag on a magnificent piece of craftsmanship. In the Swiss watch making industry, there are a number of classics that only increase in value through time as collectors recognize their significance. But on the other hand, majority of watches do go lower in value because of its age. That’s why if you are ...

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Affordable Swiss Watches for the Masses: Swatch!


Swatch watches arise when the Swiss watch manufacturers begun losing the market share they previously had. A crisis began in which a great chunk of the traditional manufacturers bowed down and declared themselves bankrupt and others moved to luxury watches manufacturing. Swiss Watches For The Masses? The dream of Swiss watches for the masses seemed over and buried. In 1983 ...

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Why Are Swiss Watches Special?


Watching making is an art that requires a great deal of skill, dexterity, design, skill and quality. The watch business is thriving gradually and the excellence in the art of watch making can only be attributed to a few countries. Manufacturing takes place all over the world, but the difference in quality is quite pronounced. Swiss watches are famous all ...

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Swiss Automatic Watches – More Than a Fashion Accessory


The world of fashion is transient; it changes with the seasons and is dictated by the whims and notions of a fickle public. The beautiful dress that is in vogue this year will be scorned and thrown to the wayside all too soon. The face that is enhanced by the current trend in cosmetics will soon appear in a totally ...

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