Cool Features of Military Watches for Men

A decade ago, military watches for men are mostly worn by military people and police so that they can perform their mission and synchronize their moves with their troops. They have extreme precision and accuracy and can perform in the most trying of conditions, as they are durable and have functions such as altimeter to serve its purpose. But the modern version of military watches are packed with more beneficial and handy functions, combined with sleek and trendy designs. This makes the military watches more versatile which can suit a wider variety of consumers, namely military personnel, outdoor activities enthusiasts, as well as neutral consumers looking to add a touch of robustness yet elegant look to their wardrobe.

Here are a few cool features of the modern military watches for men:

Night vision. Many top notch brands of military watches for men (Luminox, Traser H3, Suunto) uses the H3 tritium technology which enables the user to look at their watches even in complete darkness. This amazing state of the art technology enables the watch to glow for 25 years without any battery. Talk about convenience.
Durability. Go for watches that are made of titanium as they are one of the toughest elements which can withstand physical impact and all kinds of tough conditions. Straps that are made of leather or nylon are durable. Avoid watches made of cheap plastic. The price of the product determines your quality (most of the time).
Precise Chronograph Movement. Those decent watches for men will have 3 to 4 subdials. These features not only give the watch the extreme precision and accuracy, but it also adds the sporty and high-tech appeal that many guys would like to have.
Most high-end watches can be powered on its own without battery, like the Casio pathfinder, which works on solar power and can run up to 5 months without additional charge, and the Citizen Eco-Drive Watch, which can be powered by both natural sunlight or artificial light. These technology gives the watch unlimited battery life without giving the users worries about when to change the batteries.
Triple sensor. This function can be seen on most watch, like the Suunto X-Lander, or Casio Pathfinder. The triple sensor includes barometer, altimeter, and compass. Who says the watch is a single function device?!