Expensive Watch – Why Buy It?

A watch is a piece of jewelry. If you were shopping for a new pair of diamond earrings you wouldn’t settle for a simulated diamond, would you? If you were shopping for a gold necklace, you wouldn’t want something that is gold plated, would you? And why not?

A fake piece of jewelry isn’t going to stand up to time the way a real stone or real gold will. A fake stone is probably not worth the $19.99 you paid for it, it is likely just a piece of glass, which will crack, break, and the color will fade before long. A real diamond will increase in value over time. Purchasing a diamond is an investment. Gold purchases are similar, except with something that is gold plated it does look like real gold for a month or two, then the clasps will turn black and the gold overlay will begin to chip off, and you may as well throw that necklace in the trash.

A watch is also an investment if you buy an expensive watch. This is especially true if you purchase a watch that has diamonds or other precious stones adorning it, and if it is made from gold or stainless steel. An expensive watch may also have a sapphire crystal, making it worth even more as sapphire is the second most expensive precious stone.

The crystal is the cover over the face of the watch. Most cheap watches have a glass crystal. Mid priced watches may have a mineral crystal, which is somewhat scratch resistant and is not as fragile as glass. Sapphire can only be scratched by a diamond and is nearly impossible to break.

An expensive watch will be put together solidly using screws instead of pins. These screws should be made of gold or stainless steel in order to perfectly match the bracelet or the casing. The bracelet of an expensive watch should also be solid. The links should not look cheap and they should not separate or look uneven. A leather bracelet should be made of a durable, quality leather that will last a long time. The casing should also be made well. A screw on case back is preferable because most expensive watches are waterproof and a screw on case back will prevent water getting inside of the watch.