Fun, Affordable Timex Watches for Teens

Is there any age group as difficult to please and control as teenagers? Research has continually shown that adolescence is a time fraught with insecurities, and often, sadness and anger. As teens grow, they begin to grow into themselves, and this is often a difficult process that’s met with high emotions. Unfortunately for most parents, parenting a teenager isn’t an easy business. It’s a time full of slamming doors and incomplete homework, of unmade beds and messy bedrooms, of closets piled high with dirty clothes and empty soda cans that litter the floors. It’s a time of yelling and a time of frustration, for both parent and child. How does the teenager connect with his or her peers? How does he connect with himself? All these things and more lead to a rather difficult, tension-fraught few years, while your teenager struggles to figure out who he or she is. In addition to getting them to listen to you, one of the hardest struggles in raising a teen is getting them to appreciate the value of time – whether it being home on time when they say they’ll be back for dinner, or getting them up and out of bed in the morning for school.

How to solve that problem? By getting them a watch, of course! As children, most of us were taught the value of time – and how to read it, and these values were driven into us by the fact that we all were instructed to wear watches to help us tell the time and stay on schedule. These days, however, kids don’t learn to tell time with watches – they see it digitized all around them, on computers, on smartphones, on microwaves and ovens. Watches are, in their minds, a thing of the past – who needs a watch when you have an iPhone? The truth is, most teens could benefit from a watch, especially when it comes to helping them stay on schedule and learn the importance of punctuality. Setting an alarm on a phone is one thing, but it’s another to have to internally be cognizant of the time in order to ensure you’re not rudely late to see anyone or to any event. Teaching the skills of time-telling are important to your teen, even though they may not recognize it or admit it now.

But how to get your teen to see that a watch is cool? That they can tell time on something other than their iPhone? The answer lies in the age-old watch brand Timex. Timex offers a wide range of fun, affordable, colorful watches for teens – watches they’ll actually want to wear, so that you can marry the function of teaching them the value of time along with the form and fashion of a funky watch they’ll love. Whether you’ve got a girl that absolutely loves hot pink, or a guy that’s really into neon green, chances are, there’s a Timex timepiece out there for your teen, and it’s one that won’t break the bank.

Here’s the thing with teens – while they’re difficult to please, they’re also easily distracted. Which means that their favorite color on Monday might no longer be their favorite color on Friday, that their best friend on Tuesday might be an unmentionable come Thursday. Because teens change their mind so quickly, and are so fickle, especially when it comes to personal style, it’s important to ensure that whatever you buy for them isn’t ridiculously expensive – because chances are, once they’ve worn it a few times, they’ll get sick of it and move on to something else. This fickle nature is why Timex watches are so perfect for your teens – not only do they come in a myriad of styles and colors, but they’re under $50, making them an affordable choice for teens that change their minds as often as the weather.

Got a girl who loves fun, funky fashion? She’s sure to love the Timex 80 Jumbo Makemake Mid-Size Quartz Pink Digital Dial Stop Strap Watch. This fun and funky piece is great for the hip teen, with its pink plastic case and matching rubber strap. Underneath the pink case is stainless steel, so this is a watch she can wear on the field during soccer practice without worrying. A scratch-resistant mineral crystal protects the green digital dial, which is lit up with a backlight and carries the stop-watch function and alarm. This great watch is powered by Quartz movement, so you won’t have to worry about it giving out on you after a few wears – this is one for the ages.