It is Time You Owned a Timex Watch

The Timex watch has been a staple wrist watch here in the United States since 1950; in fact, although Timex watches are marketed worldwide its greatest market base is in the United States and Canada. The momentum in the sales of the Timex watch skyrocketed when Timex illustrated the watches durability through advertisements that lay claim to the phrase “It takes a licking and keeps on ticking.”

Though it is alright to wear Timex watches to formal events such as; musicals, movies, or other types of entertainment, Timex’s catchphrase for the watch gave people the permission, so to speak, to wear this watch during the most abusive journeys and in job settings such as construction sites. It was during these opportunities to wear the watch that proof of its durability was exhibited, as it is quite resistant to many situations. What made the watch so strong and durable are the craftsmanship, the quality, and dedication that are put into every single Timex watch.

Timex’s honing and establishment of a watch that was durable wasn’t its only goal for the watch, because what good is a watch that endures damage under high contact or infliction, but does not continue to keep time. One must not forget that Timex watches are far from just a durable piece of equipment, as they also tell time quite efficiently. Accuracy is important when it comes to a wristwatch and Timex prides itself in upholding to that standard for its watches. Thus, you can count on a Timex keeping time at any given moment regardless of surroundings.

Timex has maintained its market lead by keeping in stride with consumers demand for watches that serve as fashion accessories, sports wear, and symbols of identity. In doing so it took steps like acquiring Callanen group Inc, the firm holding the license for Guess watches. Thus Timex sells Guess watches among other brands such as; Nautica, Ecko, Opex, and Versace. In addition, Timex illustrated its commitment to be at the forefront of wrist instrument technology by introducing products like the Timex Datalink PDA-type wrist watch, heart-rate monitor exercise watches, and GPS enabled watches such as the ironman speed and distance system wrist instrument.

Timex’s invention of the ironman speed and distance system was the first of its kind, which utilized GPS technology. This technology enabled the watch to tap into a GPS’s satellites, which are equipped with atomic clocks, making it possible for runners, skiers, kayakers, and mountain bikers to ascertain speed and distance data with near-perfect accuracy.

Timex put the “T” in tough when it comes to their Timex watches and because of the quality and reliability of their watches and the fact that their watches fit every facet of your life it is about time every member of your household owned a Timex watch.