No More Cheap Watches

I like to see myself as being frugal. Unfortunately, this frugal persona is often seen as being “cheap”, by my family and friends. Sure, some times the line between being frugal and being cheap becomes blurred. Like the time I needed a paint brush, but did not have one handy.

The job that needed to be done was a small one, and I did not want to drive all the way up to the store just for a paint brush. Being the thrifty guy that I am, I took one of my wife’s old hair brushes and cut a small patch of bristles from the end. I then took the bristles and zip tied them to the end of a broken wooden spoon.

This make-shift paint brush did the trick. Not only did I save myself the trip to the store, I finished the job that I was working on, and I puffed up my pride and self worth by being so ingenious and frugal.

How was I supposed to know that the brush was my wife’s favorite brush? Or that the wooden spoon was a part of a matching set that fit “just right” in the little plaster chef spoon holder that sits empty on the counter? The brush sat on her desk for years without use and the wooden spoon that I broke came out of the junk drawer.

It didn’t matter to her that I saved time and money with my make-shift paint brush. To her, I was just being cheap. Go figure.

I did learn my lesson when it comes to some things. I no longer buy cheap clothing to work in, and after twenty years of wearing cheap watches, I have found that wearing a “throw away” watch is nothing more than throwing away your money.

The old saying, “you get what you pay for”, holds true with watches.

My thinking on watches was this: ‘If I buy an expensive watch and tear it up or break it, I am out a big chunk of change. But, if I tear up or break a cheap watch, I am only out the few bucks that I plopped down for it.’ That philosophy has flip flopped.

It all changed when I bought my first “good” quality watch. It was a Swiss Army watch that runs in the four hundred dollar range. It came with a heavy butterfly band, sapphire crystal lens, and stainless steel case. Nothing fancy, save the gold trim.

The one thing that stands out about this level of quality watch, is how well it is made. After a year and a half of abuse and misuse, this thing just keeps on ticking.

The cheap watches, that I threw good money away on, would last for six to nine months, if I was lucky, and half that time I couldn’t read the time because the viewing lens was all scratched up, or the light stopped working. Then the functions, like the stop watch or alarm, would stop functioning. The buttons would fall off, and the band would break.

All that heart ache and hassle could have been avoided, had I not been so frugal/cheap, and just gone ahead and bought a good quality watch in the first place.

Have I learned my lesson? Yes. I have learned that some people just do not recognize or appreciate genius and ingenuity when they see it, and that a cheap watch is just that. Cheap.

Sure, more hair brushes may suffer from a minor bald spot, and wooden spoons may end up being nothing more than a stick. But a watch is not something one should be skimpy on.

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