Timex Expedition Watches – Great Outdoors Style

Timex expedition watches are designed for the adventurers of this world. These are the campers, the fishermen, the hunters and the hill walkers. It can be anyone who spends time outdoors or likes to do things with their hands. When we are engaged in ‘out-doorsy’ pursuits, the last thing we want to be concerned with is the need to be careful with our watches. The fact of the matter is, outdoors is dirty – it is muddy, wet, sandy, and even smoky at our campfires. Our watches are going to get wet, dirty and even banged up. What we need is a watch that will withstand the knocks it takes and continue to perform perfectly.

One of the most famous American advertising campaigns of all time was for Timex watches. They commercials were always the same – a handsome sporty man was engaged in some kind of activity (water skiing, snowmobiling etc) and he would flash up to the camera to show his ticking watch. Then an impossibly baritone announcer would say ‘Timex – it takes a licking and keeps on ticking.’ Timex expedition watches are the direct legacy of these early days of durability. Every watch in the Expedition series is water resistant, shock resistant and packed with features.

Timex expedition watches contain numerous features to make the outdoors life more comfortable. Indiglo watches will light up with just the touch of a button. Compasses are available on many models – some with manual compass dials on the bezel, others with an internal e-compass. You might choose a camping watch with a quick dry fabric strap or a sport combo watch with timer and stopwatch. You might choose a diving watch for your next scuba diving trip, but no matter which Expedition you choose you will be getting Timex’s 150 years of watch making experience and legendary durability.

If you like to spend time in the great outdoors you need a watch that can take a beating and stand up to the elements. Timex expedition watches are specifically designed for outdoor use and are guaranteed under manufacturer’s warrantee to hold up under these sorts of outdoors activities. Timex is one of the world’s largest watch manufacturers today for a reason – they manufacture practical, tough watches that will be with you for years after purchase. They also believe in keeping prices low so Timex watches are particularly affordable. Get a Timex expedition watch and find out why Timex watches have such a good reputation worldwide.