Timex Watches – WR50M

The Timex watch, especially Timex WR50M is a classic piece for many Timex watch collector. Besides being famous for its high quality product, Timex watch was also known to have long life span and design that will never goes out of trend.

However, many of those who own Timex WR50M face difficulty in setting the time for the watch. Even though manual guidebooks are given to purchaser during purchase, many of them still face difficulty in helping the watch to set the right time. Besides reading the manual thoroughly, some may even turn to the internet for help.

Before getting your hands onto the watch, the few button located on the watch is something you should be very familiar off. No instructions would work if you fail to follow it completely right? For the Timex WR50M, there are a total of four buttons and they are set from left to right and from top to bottom. Going accordingly to the direction, the four buttons would be set, start/stop, mode and lastly indiglo.

Once you get yourself familiar with each button, then you can start working on resetting the time. To begin with, the first step is you have to do is to press and hold the set button and also the start/stop button at the same time. Once you pressed on it, the numbers denoting seconds will start blinking on the face of your watch. Once the numbers denoting seconds start to blink, the following action of yours has to be done in a fast pace if you want to succeed in changing the time and date on your watch.

The next thing you should do is to pres on the mode button. The main function for this button here is to allow you to switch numbers to the correct date and time you want for your watch. Once all was properly adjust, the last thing you should do is to hit the Set button to set the time. Once you have completed this, you have completed the whole procedure.