What Makes Digital Watches Great?


Personally I do not know if you can remember or recall it when digital watches first came out, when it was the new kid on the block, I know I can. What a whirl they threw the world in and like the newest model computer or entertainment system only the rich and famous with the extra finances could afford this new, groundbreaking advancement of technology, at the time, which were about a grand a piece. Unfortunately like all new technology digital watches soon became outdated and with that they became quite affordable and commonplace. In my country they are as low as “ECD”$10 sometimes that is about US$3.70.

At the time when they first arrived, they basically tried to make a wonder box of the digital watch, yeah a digital watch, it had voice recognition, you could dial telephone numbers, you could even play games on it if you wanted, and more or less they were trying to make James Bonds’ watch for the marketplace. However nowadays these type of digital watches are a scarcity but that does not take away from their uses.

Great With Kids.

Tell me, you are back in school, a piece of paper with a circle drawn on it which has in twelve numbers, a point in the centre and two arrows, one arrow pointing at one number while other points to another number, then she asks, what is the time. Now you are there wondering to
your self when the long is here and the short is there what is 3:00, 2:45 what is it. Well, the digital watch saved all that stress for children, no more wondering what the long and short hand meant because the time was there looking back at you. If it was twelve o’ clock it said 12:00, fifteen past three, 3:15, no stress. Then from there sooner or later you would move unto understanding an analog watch.

And also what makes the digital watch so fun and great for kids is that if they wanted, it would come in different colors or with images of their favorite cartoon, and it was much brighter and colorful than a old boring, plain adult analog watch. Plus, along with that they were or are very cheap, so if you have one of those kids who can’t keep stuff for long, this is or was perfect for parents of all kind.

Fashionable and Usable.

Not to say analog watches are not stylish but when it comes to digital watches they can’t be beat. For the kids, the want Mickey mouse watch, a lilo and stitch, etc they are for that, for teenagers and adults if just a plain leather strap or a stainless steel strap. It all depends on you and what you want, because there is a digital watch out there for everyone no matter age, race or sex, you can find one. And like any other watch it comes with the precision in time that we all need right down to the millisecond if needed.


Digital watches fir athletes are probably after their sport and their gear, their next best friends nowadays. Whether you are on the track and need a countdown timer or stopwatch to keep times on their fastest 100 meters or how many push-ups, sit-ups or kicks, I am a martial artist, you do in minute, and a digital watch is there for you. They even make watches with a memory bank to store up data. Also since some of them come with a heart rate monitor which of course for a serious athlete you cannot do without, which makes them even that much more valuable to an athlete.

To top it off because most watches are waterproof when the blood starts pumping and their body gets sweaty they know their watches will live to see another day, plus since most bands are made of rubber that means that they would have a comfortable fit.

But I must mention is the fact what really made or makes the watch so great is as mentioned before the slew of functions it presented in such a small package and that is not even fact that it could tell time down to milliseconds. It can no longer play games or dial a telephone or is equipped with voice recognition, or at least what I have seen do not, but if you a calculator or small light in the night or a compass, a stopwatch, countdown timer, a digital watch has got your back.